2018        No Budget Too Small, Bison Building, Portland, OR

2016        Gaïa, Galerie Amarrage, Paris, France

2015        The Biology of Love: A collective artistic response to the work of H.Maturana &  
                 G.Verden-Zoller, Klapper Hall Gallery, Queens College, New York, NY

2013        The Decline and Fall of the Art World, Part 1: The One-Percenters, The Intern Mandala,
                 from Karen Finley’s Mandala - A Day, Freight + Volume, New York, NY

2011        Affinity, Vision and Difference Women Artists from the Permanent Collection,
                SCAD Gallery 1600, Atlanta, GA / Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA

                Exquisite Corpse Charity Exhibition with artist Michael Scoggins,
                Mr Beast Gallery, Savannah, GA

                KAIJU Giant Monster Terror, Mr. Beast gallery, Savannah GA

2010      Mr. Beast Gallery Grand Opening, Savannah, GA

                Conversations, Mr Beast Gallery, Savannah, GA

                Planet Home, Gutstein Gallery, Savannah, GA

               Polyautography Science of the Handmade, E 31st Street, Savannah, GA

2009      Connections from Lycra and Lace, Gallery 2422, Savannah, GA

2008      Itinerant Menu Baked Raw With Cameos, with visiting artist
                Matt Blackwell Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA

2007      Vernissage, SCAD Galleries, Lacoste, France

2014        Circling the Center, Collaboration with artist Nene Humphrey, BRIC Biennial, Brooklyn, NY

2019         Upcoming - Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO

2013         Platte Clove Artist in Residence Program, Platte Clove Nature Preserve, Elka Park, NY

2018- 20   Candidate, MFA Applied Craft + Design, Pacific Northwest College of Art

2016          Candidate, Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching, Oregon State University                              

2006-10   BFA Fine Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, magna cum laude

2007         Study Abroad, SCAD Lacoste, France, Fall quarter


Permanent Collection, Savannah College of Art and Design